Backyard Glamping

Backyard Campout  | 1924 London

String Lights | Adirondack Chairs | Tent | Air Mattress

With summer in full swing, I wanted to inspire a little bit of creative vacationing with this backyard glamping. This is something we did for the Labour Day weekend last summer that I strongly recommend! We went back and forth on wanting to go away, but having too much to do at home so I found this to be the perfect balance of being productive during the day, then coming out to relax at night

Lucky for us, our backyard is huge and catches the sun set in the most beautiful way, so that helps. But really all you need is an outdoor space, something to sleep in and a few other essentials. Check out my go to items below:


Cozy blankets keep everyone warm while making smores around the fire

String lights in the backyard  | 1924 London

Extra candles to light up the rest of the yard, or path to your tent, smores ingredients, a snuggly blanket, and your favourite glass of vino!

Backyard Glamping Essentials | 1924 London

Our tent is a Redverz, designed specifically to house a motorcycle. Inside, we set up, side tables with lanterns, and our big comfy, super high air mattress (which can be found here), all dressed with our own bedding to make for a very snuggly sleep.

How to set up the perfect bonfire/glamping night  | 1924 London

Backyard Glamping 101 | 1924 London

Kirsten xo


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