Reno Your Rental

Reno Your Rental (On The Cheap)

Being a renter who is trying to save for our own house, I have really learnt how to extend my dollar as far as possible to make a chic, comfortable home I want to spend time in. Our little space has great bones, a ton of light and a great layout, so it’s really just been a matter of stepping it up a little bit. I have wanted to be really careful to keep spending to an absolute minimum. Which is obviously quite difficult. At times, it means being appreciative and not fretting over what I don’t have (a dining room), and other times it has meant being creative, rather than going for something I really want (tile backsplash people!)

So, to kick things off, let’s start with the kitchen. It’s not my white marble and gold accessory haven I stay up late dreaming about, but it’s cute, fresh, and only cost about $30 in hardware because we had all the paint and plywood, and another $25 for this undermount lighting from Ikea.

But first, let’s take a trip down memory lane.

The day we moved in:




This was during our Christmas party a few weeks after moving in, and it pretty much stayed like this until last month.



Now, this is where we are at. Painted cabinets, built cabinet doors for the open concept cabinets ( I love that look if they’re glass and full of crystal but didn’t so much love it as my most accessible cabinets), bought new hardware, attached under mounted lighting, and painted a tile pattern to add a little colour.

We took all of the cabinet doors off and painted them in the garage. While they dried I painted the base of the cabinets to match.  If you didn’t want to buy new hardware you could also just  spray paint yours. I didn’t want any ware so I opted to buy new handles, but spray painted all of the hinges and screws.

I desperately wanted to do a tile backsplash but I realized how silly that is when we are trying to put every penny towards our own place. Once I accepted that I started to research creative ways to add interest and I came across this look on Pinterest (of course!). It’s a bit hard to tell in these pictures but there are 4 colours on it. Grey, turquoise, navy, and where the white boxes were left I mixed the grey with a white to come up with a lighter colour that ties it all together. The taping was the hardest part, but nothing a  level and my handman couldn’t handle.

Paint Tiling

DIY Undermounted Lighting

Reno Your Rental Kitchen

Freshened Up Rental Kitchen

IMG_0490  IMG_0495


So voila! All it takes is a little paint on the walls, and cabinets, and you’ve got yourself a total refresher. What do ya think?

Kirsten xo


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