Cross Canada Roadtrip Finale

Alberta Road Sign  | 1924 London

If you are just joining us on this cross Canada series, you can catch up with Cochrane, Winnipeg, and Regina.

Our original plan was to spend the night in Cochrane ON, Thunder Bay ON, Winnipeg MB, Swift Current SK, Golden BC then home. But the morning we were leaving Winnipeg we both woke up incredibly early and decided to get on the road. We realized pretty quickly that even with a long stop in Regina, we would be in Swift Current by 2pm. As such we decided pretty early on to extend the day to Medicine Hat. As we were rolling through Swift Current we actually decided to go even further to Calgary, but sadly it was too late to cancel our hotel room in Medicine Hat so we took a nice long break, had a great dinner and got lots of rest! The next morning we were up, out, and enroute home! On our final day we drove from Medicine Hat, around Calgary to Banff, into BC, to Kamploops and then home! The worst part of our entire drive was the last hour of it because it was dark and pouring rain between Chilliwack and Ladner. We rolled into our new place around 8pm and immediately unloaded everything we brought in the car before sitting down with a glass of wine and calling to tell everyone we had arrived.

We weighed a lot of options with this move, including renting a Uhaul and towing our car, and selling all of our furniture and starting fresh. I am so happy we settled on having Atlas take all of our things, and have us enjoy the drive from the comfort of our vehicle. We did end up selling the lower quality things that we wanted to upgrade anyways, but almost everything will be joining us at our new place in a couple of weeks!

Cross Canada Roadtrip | 1924 London

Cross Canada Roadtrip | 1924 London

Medicine Hat Teepee | 1924 London

Rockie Mountains  | 1924 London

Rockie Mountains  | 1924 London

This was the route that we took, and I would strongly recommend it! The Ontario part was a drag, but going to Cochrane was totally worth it! Have you done the cross Canada drive? I would love to hear about it!

Cross Canada Roadtrip Route Map | 1924 London

Kirsten xo


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