eggs benny and sweet potato brunch

Eggs Benny and Sweet Potato Brunch | 1924 London


Hollandaise Sauce


3/4 cup unsalted butter

3 egg yolks

1 tablespoon water

1 tablespoon lemon juice


Remove 2 tablespoons of the butter and keep cold in refrigerator. In small saucepan, melt remaining butter; keep warm.

In heavy-bottomed saucepan or in stainless steel bowl, whisk egg yolks until thickened and pale. Whisk in water and lemon juice. Add 1 tablespoon (15 mL) of the cold butter.

Set saucepan over low heat or place bowl over saucepan of 1 1/2- inches (4 cm) barely simmering water; whisk until bottom of pan can be seen between whisks and wires of whisk become lightly coated, 1 to 2 minutes.

Remove from heat, immediately whisk in remaining cold butter to stop the cooking of the yolks.

By small drips, whisk in enough of the melted butter to thicken to consistency of whipping cream. Increasing amount of butter slightly, whisk in remaining butter.

Served over english muffins, avocado, prawns, poached eggs, cheddar cheese and hot sauce.

Sweet potatoes peeled, and diced, then tossed in 1 tablespoon of olive oil, cumin, cinnamon, and paprika. Baked for 25 minutes at 350 then tossed with fried onions.

Oh and a mimosa never hurts either


Kirsten xo


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