Union 613

I know I say this a lot- but I have a new favourite restaurant! It is one of those places I knew I loved before ever going. It has been on our list for a few months but with all of Ottawa’s emerging restaurants we just haven’t been able to make time. Finally, for my birthday dinner we made the time and I can’t believe we waited this long!  It is called Union 613- based off the idea that it supports a collective of Ottawa vendors. Oh did I mention the basement has an unbelievably built, fully authentic, candlelit speakeasy? I knew it was a southern restaurant with prohibition era cocktails but I was shocked when I found out the extent of the speakeasy.  We had a reservation but when our table wasn’t quite ready the man who greeted us asked if we were open to something a little different in the basement. Always being open to new things we jumped at the chance to get a different experience. He took us downstairs to find this- the entrance…


We then spent the rest of the night in a small candlelit, boarded up room constructed to let little bits of light in through the cracks, listening to jazz music, and sipping cocktails from vintage crystal. Happy Birthday to me!


To eat we shared the most amazing fried green tomatoes we have ever had, cracker crusted Louisiana catfish, with a pecan puree, wilted frisee & lemon, nagano country ribs,  with SC yellow BBQ mop and jalapeno-buttermilk chips, and a cast iron cornbread. And since it was my birthday we had the fried bumbleberry pie, with lemon whip, sweet tea gel and rose petal sugar for dessert!

The picture below does not do the space justice at all because we had the flash on in order to capture our faces. The room is dark and perfectly candlelit just enough to read the menu and see the guys making your drink right in front of you.

If you are looking for a truly unique dining experience, a fabulous meal, or just a great happy hour, Union 613 is an absolute must!


Kirsten xo


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