up in the air…

I am so excited to introduce this very special guest to you! He makes his way onto this little blog frequently- though rarely by choice, however today he is here to dish on all his frequent flyer secrets! He travels the globe for work, jet sets with me for fun, and spends any free time he has at local airports piloting the plane himself!  Needless to say, this guy loves the whole experience and has seen a lot along the way. Without further ado, here is my lovely Mann with some great travel tips!

Great Travel Tips & Tricks from a Frequent Flyer: Up In The Air With Carter | 1924 London

How often would you say you travel in a year? 2-3 times per month, varying between long and short trips.

Packing advice? And be realistic, us ladies struggle with packing! Bulk is the bane of my existence – and it should be yours too. You should never take more than four days’ worth of clothes. Any hotel will have laundry facilities and more often than not the cost outweighs the cost and inconvenience of taking checked luggage. As well, people forget about having to cart their bags around especially in places where elevators/escalators might be few and far between.

Often people complain it costs too much to travel-What is your best advice for saving money on hotels or flights? Points, points, points. Even if you only travel a few times a year, by combining this with a good rewards credit card, you can very often pay way less than market rate. Hand-in-hand with points is brand loyalty. You won’t get anywhere by splitting allegiances. Often the major brands, especially cars/hotels, will reward loyalty with upgrades.

Favourite cocktail spot with a view? Any frequent-flyer lounge that has a good view of the tarmac.

In flight rituals or favourite in flight activity? I don’t bother with anything except the magazine until the plane has taken off. There is too much going on and too many chances someone will disturb me to do anything else before that.

Biggest travel pet peeves? People who try to roll their carry-ons down the aisle of the plane. If you can’t lift it, then you’ve defeated the purpose of carry-on. Not only are you causing a nuisance by getting it snagged on others’ seats, but you’ve created a hindrance for yourself by bringing something that is only slowing you down.

If you could tell the travelers of the world one thing, what would it be? See previous answer. If you’re that person, do the world a favour and stay home.

Best restaurant you have ever eaten at?  Too many to name. Each city has something special. I always try to find something unique and something local. Why get the same thing you can get at home?

Traveling is always pretty great- but are there any cities you would not recommend? Venice is cool, but once was enough. The one place I could have really done without though is Inverkeithing, Scotland.

En route essential items: iPad; Bose headphones; carry-on bag; a new magazine; and a plan of what to do and what to see when I get there (guidebook/map)

Favorite travel apps?

– FlightAware. By far the best universal flight tracker, and its free.

– Airport Zoom. Terminal maps of almost every major airport. Very handy for tight connections

– WorldMate Gold. Worth the $10.00. Manage all your travel reservations quickly and easily. Unlike TripIt, there’s no subscription.

– Award Wallet. The only way to keep track of ALL your rewards account balances

Great Travel Tips & Tricks from a Frequent Flyer: Up In The Air With Carter | 1924 London

Hope you loved hearing his advice as much as I do!

Kirsten xo

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