A guide to condo gardening | 1924 London

After two summers in our beautiful condo I have finally decided to start a garden on one of our patios! Growing up, both my Mom and Grandma set the bar quite high with beautiful gardens full of fruit, vegetables, flowers, and trees.  I always took interest in cooking with them but never learnt as much as I would have liked about gardening so I have been slightly hesitant to start one of my own. After sitting out on the patio all weekend we finally decided it needed some life, so we went off to the store and got all of the basics. Thankfully, CWM was totally on board and has really encouraged me to get started – he even had some advice to offer!

Since it is too late in the year to start from seed we bought cilantro, mint, chive, basil, and dill plants and planted them in our window box. I decided on 5 as I wanted to give them plenty of room to grow, I wouldn’t suggest putting more than that in one box. Additionally I was gifted sunflower seeds in a mug which I transplanted into a deep pot after it surprised me and grew quite quickly. While I was at it I took a few yellow tulip bulbs I had, trimmed them back and transplanted them as well. For the three containers pictured below I used almost two full bags of potting soil. One whole bag went into the large window box while the remaining bag was divided up between the two others.

I know that it’s nothing fancy or complex but I am really excited about finally starting to learn more about gardening and I think this is the beginning of many happy days spent outside in the sun. I decided to start with herbs but if week one of gardening goes well I am going to get some tomato plants and cages next weekend then add other fruits and vegetables in over time. I will give a quick update every once in a while so check back to see how my little garden grows over the summer and please leave a comment with any pieces of advice!

My very own handyman helping me get started:

(if you don’t have a self draining pot or planter be sure to drill in some holes for the water to leak out)

A guide to condo gardening | 1924 London

A guide to condo gardening | 1924 London
A guide to condo gardening | 1924 London
A guide to condo gardening | 1924 London

Kirsten xo


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