what to pack: vegas

What to pack for Vegas

Denim Jacket/Red Tank/Lipstick /Pink Tote /Hat /Pink Shirt/White Pants /Sunglasses/Sperrys /Turquoise Necklace/ Yellow Necklace/ Turquoise Sandal /Bathing Suit/Purple Dress/Sandal /Denim Shorts /Blue Tank /Black Dress/Red Dress/Crossbody Bag

We are off to Vegas in a couple of weeks so as I start to organize what to pack I thought I would share my list with you! I am going for comfort and variety as most of our time will be spent walking around outside and I am not entirely sure what the weather will be like. CWM asked that I do carry on only so I really have to be selective, and pack key pieces that will mix and match nicely.

Have ya’ll been to Vegas? Any suggestions?


2 thoughts on “what to pack: vegas

    1. How could I have forgotten that! Though I think I will have to pick it up down there because I can’t bring it in my carry on. If only someone I knew was going to be there around the same time…who had the space for a bottle of sunscreen…hmmmm…know anyone?

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