I am sitting here today very happy to be writing this post. I am no expert, but I definitely know what is tasty and what is not. I am open to eating almost anything and love exploring new combinations. I also love giving credit to restaurants that absolutely deserve it; Edgar is one of them. I am sure I am not alone in this, but sadly Edgar was not on my radar until I saw it featured You Gotta Eat Here (the video can be seen here!). I can’t believe we were missing out on this 11 seat, open kitchen, culinary gem, that has now been included in our restaurant rotation because it is just so amazing! They offer brunch, lunch, pastries, hot meals to go, and killer lattes. There are two items on the brunch  menu: a dutch baby (crepe souffle) with applesauce,  pork belly, beautiful aged cheddar and maple syrup, or huevos rancheros done to the nines. They then have one poached egg dish that changes every week. Any of the three are a guaranteed success. Love the atmosphere, love the chai lattes, and love the sandwiches you can take to go. Edgar is an absolute must!

For other brunch recommendations in Ottawa check here!


Pictured: poached eggs, bacon, potatoes in duck fat, baked beans, sausage, pork cretons with garlic toast, and bread pudding


Pictured: Dutch baby with aged cheddar, applesauce, pork belly and maple syrup


60 Rue Bégin Gatineau, QC J9A 1C8
(819) 205-1110

Kirsten xo


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