1924 London Recipe Index

I realize I might be a little early on the ball, but I have already done my spring cleaning. Closets have been re organized, drawers have been emptied, the freezer has been cleaned, and long gone are my countless beauty samples that lived in my washroom vanity. I am still craving the need to organize so this obsession has now crossed over and reached my blog. Which is why I am here today, to present to you, a new, super organized…. recipe index! Please, hold your applause. I know how exciting this is. Now, rather than scrolling through my ramblings (though I still encourage you to do so), you can search by meal for the recipe you are looking for.  This not only allows you greater ease when searching for a recipe, but it allows me to track which meals I don’t post enough of. Lord knows I make enough meals in a week to keep you reading for days, but I definitely do not post them all, this should help me decide what is best to put up. Hope you enjoy and check back often as it will change constantly. Click here to start browsing


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