Valentines Wreathe

What you will need:

  • Cardboard. I used two sides of a granola box hot glued together
  • Hot glue gun
  • 1 package of tissue paper
  • Scissors

Start by cutting out your shape. I went with a heart for Valentines but you could do a plain square or maybe a letter.

Cut your tissue paper into long strips about an inch wide and then cut in half again to be roughly 1 inch x 6 inches. The size does not make any difference it just makes the tissue paper last longer.

Take one strip of tissue and wrap around your finger to form a flower

Valentines Tissue Paper Wreathe

Dab glue on the bottom of the flower and attach to cardboard. I went all the way around the outside before filling in the centre

Valentines Tissue Paper Wreathe

Almost there. From this point I just filled in all the empty spots that I could see

Valentines Tissue Paper Wreathe

You have a few options when you are done: you can put two holes on either point (like I did) and string up, or one hole in the middle to tie your string around.

DIY Tissue Paper Wreathe


DIY Tissue Paper Wreathe

Kirsten xo Heart


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