Brunching in Ottawa

Brunch is definitely a trendy thing to do right now. What’s not to love: You get to sleep in and still have a delicious breakfast. It’s appropriate to have a little bubbly, or depending on the day, a hair of the dog. I have to give major credit to Ottawa; the culinary scene is really giving it a great go, and brunch is on the rise. Lately I have found we have too many choices for brunch (not a bad problem to have)! Here are our favourite places to brunch in Ottawa (you will probably notice a trend in menu items)

  1. Edgar is a tiny 11 seat restaurant in Gatineau that has become renound for it’s weekend brunch. There are two items on the brunch  menu: a crepe souffle with applesauce,  pork belly, beautiful aged cheddar and maple syrup, or huevos rancheros done to the nines. They then have one poached egg dish that changes every week. Any of the three are a guaranteed success. Love the atmosphere, love the chai lattes, and love the sandwiches you can take to go.
  2. Millstreet Brew Pub/ CWM’s top pick: Huevos Rancheros with whatever seasonal beer they have at the time
  3. The Standard/ We both love: Eggs Carolina (eggs benny with pulled pork!) and their homies (the most AMAZING breakfast potatoes)
  4. The Scone Witch/We both love: the weekend brunch with vegetables and goat cheese
  5. Milestones/ Most will be surprised by this because Milestones is such a big chain that has fairly generic food, but I cannot say enough good things about this brunch. Go for the combo which is your choice of benny or omelette  with a fruit bowl and mimosa. We both love: Grilled Shrimp California Benedict.
  6. Courtyard Restaurant/ We both love the smoked salmon benny and mimosas! This is also a great place for dinner- CWM organized a big surprise birthday for me here last year and since then it has been an absolute fave!

I felt it was also important to include a category of recommendations we have received but have not yet tried out. Have you tried any of these? I would love your suggestions!

  1. Gezelig
  2. Stoneface Dolly’s
  3. Elgin Street Diner (known for its poutine and for being open 24 hours a day)
  4. Urban Pear
  5. Lieutenant’s Pump

What are your Ottawa brunch recommendations?

Where to brunch in Ottawa

Happy Brunching!

Kirsten xo Heart


6 thoughts on “Brunching in Ottawa

  1. Stoneface Dolly’s is sooo yummy but the line is often frustrating, try going early!! Bobby’s Table on Montreal Road is really good, it is run by the people who owned Nate’s on Rideau before it closed.

  2. Hi Kirsten…
    Eggs Benny always has been good at Milestone’s…Milestone’s started out as a little hole in the wall place in Vancouver in the ’80’s (?) at the corners of Denman and Davie. Famous for their unique take on Eggs Benny, there were only a few tables to start with and lineups were soon out the door and up the street. Very similar to what Barney’s is now on South Granville…but smaller!
    Like you and CWM, I used to go there frequently with my beau John, and my friends…how time flys…that was thirty years ago! Great times…thanks for bringing back the memories ❤

  3. That was Lauren btw! Bobby’s Table has all day breakfast I believe, as well as dinner items, like Montreal smoked meat and pastrami sammies. Stuff like that 🙂

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