Organized Entertaining

Organized Entertaining

As we get ready for our annual open house tomorrow I wanted to share a few tips with you to ensure you are organized and ready to entertain in style this holiday season.

Make lists. You read that right- multiple! Guests, timelines, groceries, what you need to do in the weeks, days and hours before your guests arrive. You can never have too many!

Stock up. I find we have more impromptu guests in December than any other month so I like to be sure the fridge is stocked with champagne, fruit and cheese and that the pantry has enough antipasto, jams, crackers, and cookies to last us for weeks. Frozen hors d’oeuvres are always a good backup. Mints in the washroom are never a bad idea.

Clean often (but not while your guests are there!). Rather than doing one major clean, try to do little chores every day, that way you wont be so overwhelmed when the big day rolls around. Take the time a few days before your party to clean out your fridge and freezer so that you have space for all your prep work and extra groceries. Get that front closet organized and throw a shoe rack in it to house your guests wet, snowy shoes. Whatever you do: don’t spend the whole night cleaning. The dishes can sit in the kitchen. Enjoy your company! 

Set the atmosphere. Scented candles are always a good choice. My favourites are Bath and Body Works  in any of the tree scents: Balsalm, ‘Tis the Season, or Evergreen! Music is a great filler at the beginning of the night as your guests arrive. 

My personal entertaining motto: it is always better to have too much then not enough

Cant wait to update you with the party details! Happy hostessing!

Xo, Kirsten



2 thoughts on “Organized Entertaining

  1. Great ideas Kirsten! i would also suggest that if the party hosts are going to ask their guests to remove their shoes, it should be mention at time of invite so they are prepared. Everyone knows,shoes make the outfit!, There’s nothing worse than getting all fancied up and arriving at the party only to find out you have to leave those Jimmy Choo’s at the front door, or worse, your husband has a hole in his sock and his big toe is sticking out!!!

    1. That is a great point, and one that I have been thinking a lot about lately! Not a problem at our house since CWM comes from a long line of indoor shoe-wearers. Don’t you just hate when you have to leave your Jimmy Choo’s behind! 🙂 Thanks for the great tip!

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