Christmas Stockings

Last year was our first Christmas in our home and I wanted to be sure everything was perfect. The bar was set so high thanks to both my Mom and CWM’s that I focused on every little detail. My Mom handmade my stocking when I was young and it has always been  a constant through changing ornaments and decor trends so I was keen to find us two stockings that we loved and would last us for many years to come. After searching for months, our Christmas morning rolled around and we still had no stockings. We ended up using boots, and life went on! Since we had the majority of our decorations this year I decided to put my effort into finding us stockings. After a whole weekend of searching, still nothing that we liked. Finally I gave up and decided to make them. Here are the steps: 

I started with one metre of grey fleece for the liner, one metre of plaid, and 40 inches of fur to top the stocking. I made two and had a ton of fabric left over so you could easily buy half a metre but I think its better to be safe and have extra. You will also need scissors, a needle and thread (or sewing machine!), and paper to draw your template

Draw (or print) and cut out your stocking template then cut out your fleece around it

Line up your fleece so that the colour you want on the inside of your stocking is on the inside and stitch down one side, around the heel and toe, and back up the other side. Flip inside out so that the stitching disappears

Lay your fleece liner on the outer fabric and cut out a little bigger then the liner

Stitch your plaid stocking and then insert the fleece liner into it. I photographed this  with the liner inside out. Now when you look inside the stocking you see grey. I then put a few stitches at the top, toe and heel  all along the seam, to hold the liner in place

Cuff your topper of choice over the top of the stocking  and put a stitch through the fur, plaid, fleece and back through the other side of the fur for a seamless top

Save one small piece of fabric or ribbon to hang the stocking and voila! I made mine with the plaid straight up and down, and CWM’s with the plaid on an angle

I might embroider our initials on them or get iron on letters at some point but for now I love them just the way they are. I am so so so happy with how they turned out and think that they will last us for many Christmases!




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