Christmas Crafts: Bauble Wreaths

I want to share with you one of my absolute favourite crafts: wreath making 101!

Last year I was so inspired by a beautiful wreath that CWM`s Mom had made for her office that I knew I had to make one of my own.

Without doing any research or planning I ran out the door to pick up a foam ring and some extra ornaments. I cranked up the hot glue gun and starting glueing without any plan or pattern. In the end it worked out okay but I would encourage any of you who are just starting this project to plan your pattern or order in which your ornaments will go before beginning to glue. There are not really any steps to share with you for the foam ring wreath other than to have lots of glue sticks and to not be shy with the glue; As soon as there is any sort of pressure on the ornaments they will easily pop off. I would also suggest you spray paint the foam first so that it blends better but as you will see below, the white doesn’t stand out that much. Also try to put the hanging part face down so it does not show.


1 foam wreath

1 hot glue gun and 5-15 sticks of glue

40-80 baubles

This year, though my colours have not changed I wanted to try a new method to wreath making that I have read about. It looks similar to the foam wreath however it is not permanent as you can slide the baubles off when you want to change your colours.


1 wire hangar

40-80 baubles of your choice

The steps are as follows:

Take your metal hangar and pliers and open the hangar up then shape into a circle

Check to see if the tops of your ornaments are secure, if they’re not, be sure to glue them on as they will pop off when pressure is applied. Then go ahead and start sliding your baubles on. I like to add a few decorative touches to mine so I wrapped a bow on top and then glued a snowflake onto one of the baubles

I was joined by my great (and recently engaged!) girlfriend who made her very first wreath! She went with the foam and I can not get over how beautiful it turned out! I love the classic colours.



What is your favourite diy Christmas project? 

Xo, Kirsten



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