Yummy Mummy Quinoa Salad

We have been fortunate enough to spend the last week in Vancouver visiting with friends and family. Besides great company and our family homes, one of the best parts of coming home are our families home cooking. We have had sushi, pecan pie, turkey, chocolate cheesecake, sushi again, my favourite sammy from our favourite local pub, strawberry bruschetta, and everything in between, but today I wanted to highlight one of my new favourites, my Mom’s Yummy Quinoa Salad. She made a huge bowl of it that would serve 4 people for a week easily. Here is what you need to bring this healthy, yummy salad to your table!


1 small box of cooked quinoa (225g)
1 head of bite size broccoli
Half of a diced sweet onion
Half of a bag of shoe string carrots
15-20 mini tomatoes cut in half
1-2 diced red or orange peppers
Half of a cucumber
Large handful of crumbled feta cheese
Small bottle of balsamic salad dressing



Cook quinoa as directed on box

Blanch broccoli and toss all remaining ingredients together

Coat with dressing

We ate it warm right after it was cooked and cold the next day and both ways were absolutely delicious (though I prefer warm). I find people generally put too many flavours into a quinoa or couscous salad, but this recipe is the perfect combination of flavours and texture and does not allow any one aspect to overwhelm. I encourage you to give this easy, yummy salad a try!




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