Pumpkin Project

As fall is upon us here in Ottawa I have really got into the spirit, cooking apple crisps, bringing out my sweaters, switching my seasonal decorations, and doing fall crafts! My favourite craft so far is this pumpkin project. Rather than sticking with the traditional orange pumpkins which are cute, I opted for a little more style, with white pumpkins. There are two ways you can do this, buy real pumpkins, or buy plastic ones. I decided to go with a mix of both so that I would not have to re-do the whole project next year.


As many pumpkins as you need

Acrylic multi purpose white paint

Black sparkly acrylic paint

This project is pretty straight forward. I washed all the pumpkins (real and fake), sawed off the long stems and dried them thoroughly. After ensuring they were dry I painted the pumpkins with a large thick paint brush. Let them dry for a few hours then took the black sparkly paint and because the tube had a fine tip I just dotted the pumpkins. I did them all in the same pattern but I think I will do another batch with different patterns.



Here is another pumpkin project that I plan on trying next. You simply empty your pumpkin as normal, drill holes in the pumpkin and string little christmas lights through. Cant wait to show you the finished product!





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