Fairmont Mont Tremblant

After our summer vacation we both have a major case of the travel bug. We have a Christmas vacation booked, and we are currently trying to pick a location for the long weekend in November. This Labour Day weekend really snuck up on us so we opted for a popular local destination, Mont Tremblant in Quebec.

It is exactly two hours from door to door through the most beautiful Quebec countryside. Two extra hot, non fat, no foam Starbucks chai lattes, and a Jasen Aldean cd later and we pulled up to the beautiful Fairmont Mont Tremblant. This ski in ski out hotel is located in the perfect spot overlooking the main chair lift. The hotel itself was absolutely beautiful with a signature Fairmont alpine theme. The hotel highlight was the four mineral pools situated over the base of the runs which featured all day sun, and if you ask CWM, most importantly the pool bar. We have seen a ton of pools in our travels and as far as we can both remember this is the only pool (outside of Mexico) that has allowed beverages inside. After coincidentally running into a couple of friends and colleagues we were happy to enjoy our blended beverages in a warm mineral pool, while catching up and soaking up the sun. It was relaxation at its finest.

I looked forward to and expected a quiet weekend of relaxing poolside and spaing since this is an Intrawest run winter destination but I was pleasantly surprised to find this resort has more variety in the summer than it does in the winter, mostly thanks to the lake activities. We had three days and found we couldn’t do all the activities we wanted to. There was golf, tennis, horseback riding, biking, hiking, luging, canoeing, kayaking, paddleboarding, zip lining, mineral spas and so so much more!

Dining in Quebec is an experience unlike any other. We had crepes, raclette (French for fondue), Beaver Tails and every other sort of unhealthy deliciousness you can possibly imagine.

Restaurant recommendations in Mont Tremblant:

For an authentic dining experience: La Savoie is an absolute must. We tried to get a reservation in this little cabin in the mountain’s village about an hour before wanting to go and to our sadness they were full. Not willing to give up quite that easily we stopped in to see if they could accommodate us and they were willing to no problem! The “La Raclette Savoyarde” is the most popular dish and I can happily say it lives up to all its praises. The cheese rounds are imported from Savoie, France. and are heated before melting onto your plate of deli meats and boiled potatoes. We were concerned that it was not going to be filling enough for dinner when they brought a tiny plate of deli meat but we were shocked when we could not get through the whole plate- this was likely because we did some serious damage on the cheese round. It’s a great alpine atmosphere with the most delicious food.

For breakfast: Creperie Catherine is a great creperie that offers breakfast, dinner and desserts options. You can order off the menu or select your own toppings. I recommend this option  for lunch. My favourite is egg, black forest ham, swiss cheese and mushrooms.

Beavertails! These pastry delights are a signature Canadian treat that are offered throughout Ottawa, Quebec, and British Columbia. There is a wide variety of toppings but we always go for the baked apples, or the Canadian classic, Maple.

The weekend ended up being the perfect long weekend destination and struck a nice balance between relaxing luxury and outdoor activities. What is your favourite destination for weekend trips?



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