Germany and Austria

Destination Guide: Germany & Austria | 1924 London

Next stop: Germany! As we arrived at the Munich airport I instantly realized how advanced Germany is, the airport was absolutely beautiful, flowed smoothly, and had every ammentity you could possibly imagine. Our friend Flo, who CWM met living in Sweden is who we stayed with, but he had to work most of the time we were there so we rented a great little Mercedes from the airport and off we went!

We spent the first few days exploring on our own. We drove through the beautiful Bavarian hills and at night returned to a cold beer at Flo’s traditional home in Miesbach.


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Neuschwanstein castle. This stop was special to me as its somewhere my sister has always wanted visit. Its a definite must for any visitor to the area.

Die Wieskirche is the most beautiful church I have ever been in. I remember the first time CWM went to Germany and I saw a photo of the church, it was love at first sight.

All of our time in the car allowed for great German history lessons. As someone who dreaded history class in school I cant believe how interesting it can be when you a) have the BEST (and most handsome) history teacher, and b) can apply what youre learning to what you are seeing.
I learnt about World War One and Two, Hitler, Germany and Austria’s alignment, East and West Germany, and everything else leading up to and following the wars.

Included in my history lesson was a stop at Kehlsteinhaus, or the Eagle’s Nest. Sadly, the weather was not good enough to go up but I imagine it would be a very interesting place with a great view.

We woke up bright and early one morning and after a traditional German breakfast of pretzels, meat and cheese, we hit the road for Salzburg, Austria. This is what I knew about Salzburg before we got there: the Von Trapps were from there, Mozart was from there, and redbull was from there. Chances of an enjoyable time were quite high given its three most known successes. Its hard to believe but the city far exceeded my expectations!

The majority of our day was spent at Hangar 7 which is where Redbull’s fleet of airplanes known as The Flying Bulls live. This was possibly the most impressive example of marketing I have ever seen out of a company. Our “experience” started by pulling into the parking lot of an unmarked bulbous (CWM’s word- not mine) building. There was no need for signage. It was at the airport and stuck out like a glowing, flawless diamond in the dirt. Entrance was complimentary, and once inside we were treated to some of the best kept airplanes weve ever seen (for my own good and CWM’s existence in his family, I cannot say the best). Despite the whole collection flying often, there was not a drop of oil and they were polished to perfection. Red Bull rotates their collection through the public hangar so their guests are always seeing different planes We saw a DC 6, a B25, two supercubs, a Stearman, a Corsair, p38, 2 Alpha jets, and a Sukohi su 29. After thoroughly inspecting the airplanes a few times over we decided to have lunch at Mayday, one of the five restaurants in the hangar, overlooking the planes. Redbull, as innovative as it is, has come up with the concept of Smart Food. Our waitress was extremely informative and helped us through the process. You select whether you would like a meal that is good for your brain, your mood, or your beauty. I chose brain, and CWM chose mood (we were both looking pretty great already :)). From there you get to choose one of two drinks, based off your selection. You are then served an appetizer, main course, and dessert, all in a cup. The food was amazing, extremely healthy, and surprisingly, the perfect portions! We ended up spending way more time than anticipated but we loved every minute of it. If you are in the Salzburg, or Munich area, I strongly recommend making this a stop!

The remainder of our day was spent wandering downtown Salzburg. The streets are all cobblestone lined with the most beautiful shops, flats, and window displays. I cannot wait to upload photos so that everyone can enjoy how beautiful and historic a city it is. Our day in Salzburg ended with a quick stop at Mozart’s home. Unfortunately we didnt get to do the Sound of Music tour, but I know we were both very happy with Hangar 7.

After returning from Salzburg we were greeted at home by our dear and hilarious friend Volker (pronounced Full-ka, as he reminds most Canadians). CWM also met him while in Sweden, and the three of them became very good friends. That night everyone put on their dirndles and leidherhosen on and went to the annual veiss (white) beer festival.

Another must do in the area is a trip to Chiemsee, a palace on an island built by the same King who built Neuschwanstein. The palace is a replica of Versailles and on the island built around the lake and the Alps it is absolutely beautiful.

Our last supper in Germany was at Braustbeurl Tegernsee, which is a brew pub on the beautiful Lake Tegernsee that has been brewing their beer since 1675. (thats older than Canada for anyone who is counting.

Leaving Germany, the four of us hopped in the Volkswagen, and drove through Austria all the way to Bolzano, Italy. The road we took went up and back down 2905 meters, was about 10ft wide, and had a switchback every 2 minutes. Everything from cars, to bikes, to hikers and mountain goats were on the road trying to pass eachother. Quite the experience to say the least! When the guys dropped us off at the Sheraton Four Points in Bolzano we were in for a much needed surprise- a suite and the most beautiful rooftop patio, and infinity pool, overlooking Italy’s vineyards and apple orchards. We spent our time in Bolzano lounging by the pool, soaking up the Italian sun, spa-ing, drinking Hugo’s (recipe to follow) and just generally enjoying a bit of luxury before were off to our next stop.

Now that the Germans have visited Canada and we have both visited Germany we have decided next time we will meet on a different continent.

Servus for now and danke schöne to the Brunner family for having us and a big thank you to Flo, Volker and all my new friends in Bavaria!

Lots of love,

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