Sweden and Denmark

Destination Guide: Sweden & Denmark | 1924 London

As most of you should know (because I cannot stop talking about it), we have been planning a vacation for the last few months. After a long time of planning, we finally worked our last day, went home and packed, and hopped on a plane for Copenhagen.

Our original flight plan was scheduled to be Ottawa-Montreal-Toronto-Copenhagen. However, if you know CWM you know he is a skilled traveler and flight planner, so once we got to the airport he was able to get us on Ottawa-Toronto-Copenhagen.

The flight was great! The movie “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen”, a great sleep, and 7 1/2 hours later we arrived in Copenhagen. We were met at the airport by the Relander family who we were fortunate enough to stay with. CWM lived and went to school in Lund, Sweden so while there he was connected with Ingrid and Thomas, and their boys, Ole, Ossian and Mans. The Relanders coincidentally lived in Vancouver for a year prior to CWM moving to Sweden so when they met their was an instant connection. CWM taught the boys English and spent the year participating in family activities. Getting to know them was definitely the highlight of my time in Sweden.

For now you will have to Google each activity for photos as I only have my Ipad to work off. When we get home we’ll include photos and links.

Given our long flight day one was mostly spent at home visiting. However we did do a biking tour of Lund as that is how most get around. We saw the main square which was beautiful, explored the school and where CWM lived, and got a great tour of the whole city.

Restaurant recommendations in Denmark:

Meyer’s Deli




Castles, castles castles! Everywhere we went there was a castle!
The Swedish countryside was always a golden yellow wherever we went.
Ales Stenar is like Sweden’s Stonehedge on the top of a grassy hill. This is also where we had our first Swedish meal- Herring on rye bread with lettuce, tartar sauce and a lemon wedge.
Glimmingehus is the oldest medieval castle in Scandinavia and we were fortunate enough to tour the inside of it.

One of my absolute favourite things weve done so far is visit Bjerreds Sallsjobad. It is a Swedish sauna on the ocean with the most breathtaking view. First we parked at the beach then walked out a 870 meter long pier to a restaurant and change room area. Men went to the left and women to the right and then we met in a few hours for dinner. The idea behind the sauna is that you sit in the all glass sauna with a 360degree view of the Baltic Sea, and after youre hot enough you walk down the stairs into the ocean! A regular swim in the ocean and you would likely freeze but after you heat up in the sauna, the feeling of jumping into the ocean (in your European bathing suit no less) is amazingly refreshing! This process is repeated many times over before retiring for a traditional Swedish dinner on the pier. We had caviar on an egg salad with rye bread to start, grilled cod with beets and parsnips and a small glass of Grippa to finish an amazing day.
More about the meals and recipes later!

One of the great things about staying in Lund is that you get the beautiful Swedish countryside but you are omly a 45 minute train ride to Copenhagem, Denmark. We spentnone day in Copenhagen with CWM’s friend from the pipeband. He has lived in Copenhagen his whole life and was able to show us all the main sites. We shopped on Stroget which is a shopping street comparable to Rodeo Drive, saw the changing of the guard at Amelianborg Palace where Queen Margrethe of Denmark and her husband Prince Hendrick live, walked to Hans Christian Anderson’s famous Little Mermaid and explored the beautiful harbour of Nyhavn. If you Google Copenhagen you are almost certain to see photos of colourful buildings on the water which is the area of Nyhavn. I think our most memorable and special purchase of the trip so far was from Royal Copenhagen. As avid collectors of China and Crystal, Copenhagen is definitely the place to be! Our final stop in Copenhagen was at the magical Tivoli. It was whimsical, filled with laughter and beauty- Everything I imagined it would be!

We took the boys to a skatepark in Malmo one day which was beautiful! Malmo has been a very industrial area for the last 20 years but there has been a recent surge in residential development. It is a city right on the water and the closest Swedish city to Copenhagen. I found the newly developed area to be much like Vancouver’s False Creek, with beautiful glass condos along a walkway lined with coffee shops and boutique stores. The weather in Sweden is also quite similar to Vancouver, raining often but warm in the summer.

Here we are now in the Copenhagen SAS lounge getting ready to leave for Munich! The lounge food in Europe is much better than North America. Smoked salmon and a cheese selection larger than the grocery stores is better than pasta and cookies any day!

Tack så mycket to Ingrid, Thomas and the boys! Saying goodbye to them was definitely the hardest part but we have already planned our next trip back!

Lots of love,

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