Birthday Fun!

I am truly so blessed! CWM, my Mom, family and friends made my Birthday incredibly special! My favourite part about Birthdays are traditions. I love going to sleep the night before and knowing when I wake up certain things will be exactly the same as the previous year. For the sake of keeping things special, I will keep my traditions to myself; however I hope that some of you get the pleasure of sometime sharing them with us.

 We started my birthday off with an annual flight!

The handsome pilot…He is the BEST!


Then I had a lunch with my lovely Allyssa. She added to my charm bracelet with the most beautiful Thomas Sabo charm! I am so thankful for her kind, thoughtful, hilarious friendship. It has no doubt gotten me through the last year.

Next up was a game of baseball: we lost but I had so much fun. Shoutout to team Hawntourage! We then quickly raced home to get ready for my surprise destinations, but to my surprise when we got home I had a package from home! My Mom sent me the most well thought out, memorable gifts I could have ever asked for, including: my Grandmother’s milkglass, a lucious wool scarf made out of our families tartan, gorgeus silver sugar bowl and creamer, a fabulous Coach bag, sandals that I have been dying for and many other fun pieces! So thankful for everything that she has done for me and for allowing our home in Ottawa to feel a bit like Vancouver.

  Thank you so much to CWM, my family and my friends for making me feel so special and loved!  





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