My Favourite Things

It is my birthday on Friday and as a result I have been thinking a lot about my favourite things. Paying respect to one of my favourite people I wanted to do a post about one of my favourite gifts to give and receive!

 There is nothing like getting a well thought out, personal, gift that shows a lot of thought and care went into it. In light of Oprah’s famous, “My Favourite Things” I want to reccommend a gift that is sure to wow your friends.

Start off with a budget otherwise I guarantee you will go overboard! Once you have a number, start compiling a list of your favourite items.

Here are a few of mine…

Chocolate covered raisins

A bottle of dry shampoo

Chanel’s Mica Rose Nailpolish

My favourite bottle of Champagne or Wine depending on the occasion and preference of your special person

Any small kitchen accessory

Not that this would fit in a gift bag, but I think anyone who loves to entertain needs a glass beverage dispenser

The J Crew Crystal Blossom Earrings which can be found here

Plus any homemade goodies or recipes of yours (or your friends) favourite treats!

I love the idea of doing this as a parting gift as well after hosting guests. Perhaps you could include a dessert that was served that evening, a recipe card for one of the dishes, a mini bottle of whatever beverage was served and a small kitchen accessory (cute apron, bowl, pretty cutlery etc)

Dress it up, add a label, and voila!

What are your favourite things?


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