My Bathroom Vanity Makeover

When we moved in a lot of upgrades had already been done, however for some reason the vanity in my washroom was painted this colour…

As you can imagine, it was not my favourite. Most of our home is fairly balanced between masculine and feminine however since this was my bathroom I really wanted to take the opportunity to have some hints of pink and femininity. Without painting the cabinets pink, I knew this grey would go perfectly with pink accessories! This is a temporary fix as I would eventually like to get a new vanity. Since the counter had already been painted, without getting a whole new countertop we had to paint over it. Here is how we did it….

All the doors came off and we painted the front, back, and vanity one colour

Then we taped off the surrounding area and painted with a high gloss white

And after about three coats, and three days of drying…voila!


What sort of little upgrades have you made to your home without breaking the bank?


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